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Create a website in less than a minute that’s easy to manage and looks great, with instant page loads, SEO optimization, and no-code. All your content stays in Notion so you can focus on creating while Super handles the rest.


Join over 30,000 creators using Super

Our mission is to create the best web hosting platform you’ve ever used. We love building beautiful and useful software fueled by feedback from our customers. Here’s what some of them have to say.

The best applications on this planet are tools. Simple tools that do one job unbelievably well, and Super is one of those, it gives you the tools to make whatever fantastic projects your skills or imagination can create.

Our non-profit was struggling for a long time to find a solution with the right balance between flexibility, aesthetics and ease of use. Being able to create a webpage, collections and sub-pages in seconds was a big game changer for us.

Your content lives in Notion

Your work stays in a place you control and love, while Super handles the technical parts of publishing it to your website. This means you can focus what’s actually important to you: creating content and building your brand without worrying about configurations, plugins, downtime, performance, or security.

Customize to match your brand

Style the look and feel of your site with no-code themes and designer templates. Everything can be customized inside Super without code to make you proud of the unique site you share with the world. Add custom-code only if you want to.

Pages load instantly anywhere in the world giving your site visitors a pleasant and snappy experience—they’ll never close the page for taking too long to load. On average Super sites perform better than any industry leading website builder.

Social sharing cards are automatically created from page content and your site’s HTML is optimized to use best practices for search engines. Super sites are automatically built with the ability to rank high in search and look great when shared on social media.

Kickstart your idea with a designer template

Start your website from a selection of beautifully crafted templates and customize it to fit your needs

Incredible sites built with Super

We think Super is best way to publish content online which is why we use it for all our sites. The content for this site (the one you are reading now), is all coming from Notion. Click the link below to check it out!

Our support team is ready to help you get started and will be there for you if something goes wrong. The best way to get in touch with us is to use the chat bubble in the lower right of the Super Dashboard.

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